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Good News - March 2019

Free Yourself (The Rest of the Story)

            In the midst of last weeks message on forgiving the vampires in our lives, I promised Id dive a bit deeper into the topic here, so that we werent in church until the chili cook-off. The forgiveness rabbit hole seems to start with many misconceptions that we have about the topic (understandable as they may be). So I wanted to share a few ideas on what forgiveness is not, so we can have a clearer understanding of what forgiveness is.

            Forgiveness is not excusing unjust behavior. Im not about to say that what she did was okay! If you have something to forgive, the good news is that Gods not asking you to say its okay. Sin is sin. Consider this story from John 8, where a woman caught in adultery (i.e. sin) is brought before Jesus. As Jesus pulls off some brilliant lawyering, the accusers fall away and its just the woman and Jesus. What does He tell her? I dont condemn you. Now go, and from now on do not sin again. Jesus forgives, and still calls the sin out.

            We are forever reminding the kids to apologize when they hurt each other (they get enough practice, youd think theyd have it down!). But Ill make a point, if they are apologizing to me, not to say its okay (excusing the behavior), but saying I forgive you (what you did isnt right, but I forgive you anyway).

            Why forgive? They should pay for what they have done! I get this attitude better than any bullet point I could write about. But it is that an attitude and one that can get us into danger if we assume the role of judge, jury and executioner (hrmm, sounds like the vampires we were talking about!). But we can trust that God mets out justice perfectly (Romans 12:19), even if its not the fast and hard justice we may want. In some situations, we may have to trust the legal system to work (there are cases like that). Either way, forgiveness isnt based on I got the chance to exact revenge first.

            I dont think I could trust this person again. Fair enough. There are many cases when one person hurts another and the relationship is never the same completely reasonable. Forgiveness is an instant thing. Trust, if it is ever rebuilt, happens over time. Sometimes it is never rebuilt. Sometimes the remnants of a relationship change drastically. That is okay. We can still make it our practice to not hold that hurt over their heads (a working definition of forgiveness, yes?).

            How do I know if Ive really forgiven somebody? I hate to answer this like its a simple matter, but if you could hear their name or see them across the banana aisle and honestly wish them well, thats a sign you have forgiven them. If the scene still brings ill feelings, its time to practice forgiveness again (perfectly understandable place to be).

            I hope this scratches the surface a little deeper for you. My prayer is that this week, you have little that you have to forgive, but if you do that you are able to do it well.

Many Blessings, 

Pastor Brian



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