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Good News - February 2020

Yeah, But…

It’s one of those phrases we have been hearing far too often in our home these past few weeks. Maybe it’s a rite of passage, or maybe now that Andrew has broken the 9-year-old barrier, his chronological age is catching up with his superhero brainpower. On the blessing side, it does remind us that our kids are thinking deeply.

Thinking broadly, I don’t expect anybody to hear (or read) what I say and receive it without passing it through their own “thinking deeply” filter. Hence my Sunday comment about being willing to play devil’s advocate with myself. As we talked about family this past week, I know a few “yeah but’s” can come up. In fact, I had to admit to somebody over coffee and popcorn that I couldn’t possibly cover the library-full of issues that can make family complex.

I say this because Christians often refer to God as Father. Paul gives us permission to say this when he tells the Galatians and the Romans that through Jesus we are adopted as children of God (Galatians 4 and Romans 8). For some, however, the term ‘father’ does not score God any bonus points.

God forbid that is the situation for you or somebody you love. Know that there is a place where I get it. Maybe not your exact situation, but for many years I would not have connected “father” with any kind of personal relationship, love or care. Fortunately, that is only part one of the story.

The good news is that all human beings, fathers certainly included – have a sin default. Left to our own devices, we’d all quickly become somebody we didn’t want to see in the mirror. How could I possibly say that this is good news? How can “we all sin” possibly redeem the idea of “father”?

Because God does not sin.

Let me force you to re-read that.


Because God does not sin.


          Fathers can mess up big time (guilty!). But God doesn’t play by the same limitations as us humans. God can love perfectly. He sent His own son to prove that.

          It can take a lot of effort to read God’s story with objective eyes. But as best you can, hear God’s love story to you without mixing in your experiences with other humans who need that perfect love as much as the rest of us.

          Know this as well – God’s perfect love can redeem any broken person. That “part one” I mentioned above covered the first 18 years of my life. The last 10 months of my father’s life were filled with a man who showed up in ways big and small. And I wouldn’t have traded them for anything.

          God works miracles.


          Many Blessings,

Pastor Brian

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