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Good News - July 2017

Running Into The Fire

Normally I wouldnít consider this good advice. From the time we are Leahís age, everybody tells us that when it comes to fire, away is generally the better direction. When it comes to literal fire, we rightly honor and respect those who choose to run in, rather than away, because they are risking their lives to save those they donít even know. For those whom that is their calling (I know we have some at Woodlane), you are the exception to that rule.

But for now, I donít write about literal fire. I write about one that is more figurative, but in many ways just as dangerous. Iím talking about conflict, real or imagined. It can burn. It can destroy. It can leave behind a wake of damage that makes you wonder how you survived. And thatís before it even beginsÖ

Allow me to back up. A few weeks ago, I heard of a friend that was upset, hurt even. Heís not the kind of person who is super-sensitive, and while I knew I should probably check in with him (simply because thatís what friends do), I racked my brain and could only think of a few far-reaching things I might have done to hurt said friend. Nickelís worth of free advice Ė Rick Warren got it right when he reminds people ďItís not about youĒ in Purpose Driven Life.

I didnít get the chance to talk to my friend until the next day. We had a good conversation and, as it turned out, my friend was worn down about something completely unrelated to me or anything I had done (insert Rick Warrenís wisdom yet again).

Why do I emphasize that? Because for a good 24 hours previous, I blew all my energy thinking how that phone call might go. Truth be told, it was pretty significant. I donít remember exactly, but if the kids were having a rough afternoon, I guarantee I wasnít going to be making it any better because of my pre-occupation with a not-yet-happened phone call.

My point Ė if thereís conflict, again real or imagined, run into it. Deal with it. Get it done. Swallow the frog, as some say. Otherwise, the safe bet says your imagination will hype it up far more than you need to. Itís biologically proven how many hundreds of chemical responses your body has just thinking about a stress like conflict. No use experiencing those any longer than necessary.

I pray you donít have to practice this too often, but if you do, run into the fire. If itís really a dire situation, then at least you are expending your energy appropriately. If itís not (or if itís nothing, like mine), then you can dump the elephant off your back and return to living an abundant life. That, I pray, you do very often!

Many Blessings,

Pastor Brian




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Going Deeper

These questions and actions are designed to help you find ways to take Sundayís Scripture out into the world as the hands and feet of Christ. 

Making You Think

         How would you describe the way God has forgiven us? (see Psalm 103:10-12 for starters)

         What kind of toll have you seen bitterness take, either in your life or in others you know?

         Of all the qualities that should distinguish Christians from the world, why is forgiveness so significant?


Memory Verse

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you.
Ephesians 4:32 (NRSV)

In The Word

Check out these passages for more on this morningís topic.

         Luke 17:1-4, 23:32-47

         Ephesians 4:29-5:2


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