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Good News - April 2019

Hanging On

            This week, I’m putting the final touches on Wednesday’s chapel presentation for EPCS (I know, what pastor takes on an extra service in the middle of Lent??). Maybe I can blame the radio for playing all the right songs, but how would you feel if I asked you to walk a tightrope 5 feet over your friends? Oh, and one more thing, if you fall – you will most likely get hurt, be embarrassed in front of the whole school, and you’d owe me 100 pushups (I can only be blamed for the last one!). Would you do it?

            I’m guessing most of you would respond with some form of “Uh, no!” The crazy brave among you might say, “What’s in it for me?” I understand both those responses. The Lenten season can be difficult because it asks us to reflect on some things that can be frightening. It may even ask us to do things that are downright scary. Ask someone for forgiveness? Be nice to the neighbor who lives to torment me? Uh, no!

            The finale to the season, Easter, can have its own give-you-the-shivers moments, as well. Easter is the one Sunday where your unbelieving brother-in-law might be willing to give church a try. It’s the one day that might break the shell of that “atheist and proud of it” friend that has been on your personal prayer list since who knows when. Such people are often labeled Creasters (CHristmas/EASTER) or CEOs (Christmas and Easter Only). You know what – one of those holidays is coming up! And I get it, inviting them to church with you may make you think the tightrope would be easier.

            Speaking of, back to the tightrope. What if I threw in one more “one more thing”? What if, as you were stepping out, I allowed you to put your hands on my shoulders and I would help hold your body steady? What if I told six strong people to hold the rope still so it wouldn’t wobble under your feet? What if I installed four-foot high crash mats underneath you? And what if I told you that if you fell, Andrew’s karate class would do your 100 pushups for you? Perhaps all these “one more things” would make you…at least less hesitant?

            God calls us to some pretty scary things sometimes, no doubt. God has a track record of it, from the B.C. days until today and beyond. Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Rahab, Mary – just to name a few. But in every scary instance, God is right there with us, making sure our stumbles don’t put us face first in the dirt. God will send you the right words (even if those words are “keep quiet”) and the right encouragement and, if you are brave enough in Him to go through with whatever He’s asking, God can remind you in overwhelming ways that you are doing something that really matters. God’s so creative in how He does it, but it is world-rocking when it happens (I’d probably kill a rainforest if I wrote about the times He has done this for me…even recently).

            Know this – God has no problem making us brave when we’re doing what He wants from us. Just ask.

            Many Blessings,

            Pastor Brian



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