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Good News - October 2017

Failure Is Not Optional…

            Perhaps you have heard this phrase, which shows up in many different contexts. I have heard it in pregame speeches from football coaches and business team meetings. I have even seen my brother post this in bold lettering on the walls of his company’s War Room (which gives you a sense of the kind of business leader he is). He drove this phrase into the core of my being when I was growing up. Failure is not optional…

            The other day I was cleaning up the stage when I ran across a project I would have just as soon forgot. I had attempted a stage design that had failed, epically. Fortunately, it never made it to a Sunday service. The design was great, it fit thematically very well, but I used the wrong materials and it simply did not work. So I scrapped it, maybe to try again another time. This week I cleaned up the wreckage and it reminded me of this phrase.

            I used this phrase in my devotional for Consistory this past month, but I added in the second half. Failure is not optional…it’s necessary. My brother may drive the 10 hours from Chicago just to slap me upside the head for saying that, but I believe it’s true in just about any context.

            I mean this – if failure is not optional, you will always play it safe. You will never step out, you will never try anything new, and you will never see if the glass ceiling we often put over our heads really can be shattered. This, my friends, will severely limit how much life a person can live.

            It’s like the powerful elephant that is led around by a small string. Somebody asked the trainer, “Here’s this crazy strong animal. Why don’t they just break free?” It’s because they are led by a string when they are very young, before they have the strength to break free. Enough failed attempts teaches them “I can’t do it, so why try?” Another translation – “If I’m not allowed to fail, why risk it? Why try?”

            That failed stage design was not the first time I tried something that didn’t work out, not by a long shot. But rather than give up ministry (some people would take a failure and let it go that far in their minds), I learned from it and will take that knowledge into my next bit of design. And I move on…

            What are the small strings holding you back? What have you wanted to try, but thought “failure would be too painful/embarrassing/disastrous”? We have all failed, no matter how perfect we pretend to be. But risking failure in a calculated way (what is really the worst that could happen?) is usually a precursor to a whole new level of abundant life.

            Consider – if we gave up at the risk of failure, none of us would be walking today…

            Many Blessings,

            Pastor Brian




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Going Deeper

These questions and actions are designed to help you find ways to take Sunday’s Scripture out into the world as the hands and feet of Christ. 

Making You Think

·         What do you think you need to do in order to be strong and gentle at the same time?

·         How is 1 Peter 3:15 an answer to the times when no one seems to notice the good you are trying to do in your life?

·         How does the phrase ‘always be ready’ indicate that evangelism should be a priority?


Memory Verse

In your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and reverence.

- 1 Peter 3:15–16a (NRSV)

Next Steps

How did you come to accept Christ in your life? Can you tell the story in roughly two minutes? Practice it (write it out if you must, that’s okay) because the opportunity to share it often comes fast!


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